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The History of Valentines Day 2017

Valentine Meaning:

Valentine's Day, also known as Saint Valentine in Terni and Valentine of Interamna (Terni, 176 approximately - Rome, 14 February 273) was a bishop Roman, martyr.

It is very likely that its origins sink in the fourth century, to replace the pagan festival of Lupercalia, the ancient pagan rituals dedicated to the god of fertility Lupercus: these rites were celebrated on February 15 and foresaw unbridled celebrations and were openly at odds with morality and the idea of Christian love.

The St. Valentine's Day occurs annually on February 14th, and today is known and celebrated around the world.

Happy Valentines Day Images, Happy Valentines Day
In particular, the highlight of the festival was when the Roman matrons were offered spontaneously and on the street, the lashes of a group of naked young men, devoted to wild Faun Lupercus. Even the pregnant women underwent the ritual willingly, convinced that he would do well at the birth of the infant. After all, relieve pain enough the spectacle from the bodies of those bold young men, who were completely naked street or, at most, with a tight leather skirt around your hips.

To "baptize" the feast of love, the Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, he decided to move to the previous day - dedicated to Valentine's Day - making it in a certain way, the patron saint of lovers.

This tradition was later spread by the Benedictines, the first custodians of the basilica dedicated to the saint in Terni, through their monasteries first in Italy and then in France and in England. Many traditions linked to the saint are found in countries where he is revered as a patron.

 The figure of Valentine as the patron saint of lovers, however, is questioned by some that lead back to that of another Roman priest, who was also beheaded roughly in the same years. 



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